Kilmainhamtonwood Compost Facility Visit

Plant Manger: Tom McConnell –

The compost facility is near Kilmainhamtonwood in Ireland. This facility processes about 28000 tons per year of food waste from primarily Dublin area. They are hoping to expand to 40000 tons per year. Air vented from the facility is high in ammonia, and is scrubbed with sulfuric acid solution prior to being vented to a biofilter. The reaction forms ammonium sulfate which is sprayed onto the screened finished compost as a liquid fertilizer enriching the compost.

The composting process is accomplished in 22 bay enclosures 6 m ceiling height. The bays are enclosed, but not very effectively. Pathogen kill is accomplished by maintaining a temperature of 70C for at least 60 minutes. Compost is screened (trommel screen) to 12 mm prior to a secondary maturation stage at 80C.

Compost is spread at no cost on farmers fields with equipment owned by the compost facility. Staff also prepare a nutrient management plan for the farm.

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